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    So, I am 13 weeks (or will be tomorrow)....and I am continuing to lose weight....since the start of this I have lost nearly 15 pounds, and all it seems to do is continue.... My next appointment is on Monday... and I am gonna ask about this.... but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.....
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    I did, I lost about 10 pounds. I know it's worrisome but eventually your body will catch up. I'm right now only about +6-7 pounds gained. I had m/s until about 15ish weeks and never really experienced that ravenous hunger everyone talks about. I still sometimes don't have much of an appetite, but when I am hungry I don't ignore it.

    Somethings you can do: don't drink plain water, put 2-4 oz of juice in your water; choose higher fat/calorie versions of food you already eat (like full fat dairy), eat frequently hungry or not, have lots of options available--sometimes I just wouldn't want to eat whatever was around so I didn't eat anything. And most importantly, don't worry about it so much, things will even out and your body will always take care of the baby first.
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    Yep! Lost 15lbs in the first trimester with my 1st, 25lbs with my 2nd, and I lost about 5lbs with this one, though a portion has been gained back. LOL
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