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Thread: TWW bust :/, but there is always next month :)

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    Cool TWW bust :/, but there is always next month :)

    Well, I am out this month. Going on TTC 6 months now. I finally started taking this weight loss thing more seriously which is good though, and I don't think I will conceive until I have put in the work that I need to. I really want by body to naturally do stuff on it's own and avoid fertility treatments. I started doing yoga videos via youtube this week, and I have to say I really LOVE it. Very great form of exercise for me, since it is calming and centering, which is something that I really need, since I tend to get scattered when I have a lot going on. Here is the link to the youtube channel I got the videos from if anyone is interested:

    She has a lot of great options for beginners, weight loss, healing routines, etc. I highly recommend the channel . The bedtime routine is really nice, I tried that last night.

    Hey, I wanted to put out there too, if any of you ladies know someone that needs help with building or updating a business or personal website, you can give me a shout, since I have been working in the field for the past four years now and know my way around pretty good . You can PM me if you want.

    Hope everyone is doing good, lots of baby dust!! I will keep you ladies updated on my weight loss progress and DH and I TTC . You all have ben really supportive through this whole process and just wanted to thank you all and let you know how much I appreciate it.

    - Sierra
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