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Thread: website to sell kids stuff

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    Default website to sell kids stuff

    I have tons of baby stuff that I want to sell. These are like hardly used/barely used stuff.. The rest I plan to donate..

    Other than craigslist is there any other reliable website which you all use??
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    I was using ebay but the shipping and fees kind of make it not worth it. If it's barely used and you can get a decent amount for it ebay may be worth it for you.
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    Ebay, facebook has groups for selling things in your area, you can setup your own web store on places like hyenacart (right now they have a penny setup fee, usually it's $10)

    You can also try consignment stores, some will pay you outright for the items, others will give you a percentage of the sale price after it sells.
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    I use local FB groups so I don't have to pay for shipping. We meet at a public place.

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    I agree on the fb groups. If you don't know of any, try typing the name of your town/city and "sale" in the fb search and see if it shows anything. I have bought/sold a lot of stuff this way and it has been awesome for me! In fact, just yesterday I sold my pack n play and today I bought a bunch of boys clothing from one of our local fb sale pages.

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