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    I think it's also called a couple of different names- blood test that does genetics and also can find the sex out early on. Unless medically necessary it's not usually covered. Wondering if anyone having done and also if anyone knows cost? Going back and forth if want to do for Baby #3- I am doing the DS testing this time around since I'm 34 and the #s are lower. I wouldn't do anything just for planning and knowing is all ;)

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    khadijavye should be able to give you some help on this! She did the harmony test. The site for the Harmony test is:

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    Yep, we did the Harmony test. It checks for the trisomy defects and for an extra fee gives gender determination. My OB said it should be $300 and if it was going to be more they'd (the lab) call me and let me know before running the test. I don't trust that, so much ... but I didn't get a call, so hopefully I'm only in for a $300 bill. It was covered under insurance for me because I am of "Advanced Maternal Age" which my OB and I got a good laugh about. ;)

    The results all came back good and we found out we're having our 3rd BOY!

    It took a little under 2 weeks for the results.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Dorcas (36) DH (37) 3/13

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    I am having mine on Monday, also due to AMA. I'm actually not sure exactly what is covered, but I'm sure it will be as its been ordered by my OB? Or maybe like Dorcas said I will have the option of including sex for additional fee? I will find out shortly. But I'm very excited to find out the sex so I hope it is included.

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