So, Katie was sent home from school a week ago today with a fever. The next morning, she vomited just one time and complained of a sore throat. Erin took her to the doctor and had strep tests done that came back negative. Katie still has a cough, but the fever subsided after a few days. Sunday night, Erin came down sick, vomited just one time, has a sore throat and what appears to be a severe head cold. Yesterday, I started feeling poorly with a sore throat that felt swollen, and Nathan has been acting a little "off" for a couple of days now, although nothing really major -- just wanting to lay around more than usual and sleeping a little more than usual. Today, I most definitely have a fever, although I've not taken my temperature just yet to see what it is. I just know how I feel when I have a fever, and it doesn't have to be a very high one for me to feel it. For me, the cold has settled mostly in my throat and chest, which is not uncommon for me. I'm working on an assignment that is due in little more than two hours, and as soon as that is done, I'm going to take my temperature, take some Tylenol, and go to bed (I hope).