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We have been struggling with her for at least a year but it got a little better for a while and got WAY worse once we moved the clocks ahead....I have wondered if it was just that....that she is automatically an hour off schedule now? IDK. Yes room sharing sucks and isn't helpful. I have almost considered putting the baby in with DD1 and giving DD2 her own room....not sure what that would do. I have DD3 on a decent schedule and she gets up very early which would disrupt DD1. Ugh. I need another room!

ETA: And yes every.single.day I say "tonight we are doing early bedtimes!" and it just never happens which just opens the wound even further.
I was actually going to suggest this. For us, we actually had better luck with DD for the short time when she shared a room with DS. But maybe DD2 is the opposite and needs as little distraction as possible. It might be worth trying, at least for a little while to see if she can get on a better sleep routine.

And if it any consolation, we say we are going to do an earlier bed time for DD and it never seems to happen. I can't figure out what goes wrong, but it always ends up later than we intend. We can get DS down no problem, but DD is a masterful staller and manages to distract us every night!