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    Default Daughters in wedding dress pictures

    I'm sure any of you who use Pinterest have seen this idea floating around. I saw it a long time ago and have been wanting to do it. Finally decided to have a crack at it.

    DD2 was really hard to capture, since as soon as I put the dress on she wanted it off, and was in no mood to work with me (typical 2 year old, lol). And as soon as I picked up the camera, the baby started crying. So I shot DD2's picture with one arm holding the baby and the other hand holding the camera, while singing "Super Why" to attempt to distract her and get a better expression.

    I will retake DD3's pictures when she gets older, but I had that dark thought of "what if I'm not around when she gets older?", and decided it was better to just go ahead and take some now, so its guaranteed they will ALL have a picture their mother took of them in her wedding dress... to display at their future wedding, or just to keep as a special picture.

    I'm half pleased with them and half want to scrap the whole thing and do them all over. But I just think its a sweet idea. Has anyone else done this?

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