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Thread: Leg hair and other old wives' tales :D

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    Default Leg hair and other old wives' tales :D

    I have a friend with 10 kiddos who swears by leg hair as a gender predictor . She said it may be different for everyone, but for her she had to shave less with her girls and more with her boys. So with my last two f/t pgs I took note of my leg hair and with dd I had a lot of leg hair which is actually unusual for me and with ds I had practically none, seriously, I had almost no leg hair at all .

    Obviously, there is no science involved in this whatsoever, lol, but I do have more than average leg hair growth this, for me, maybe girl?

    Anyway, it's all just for fun...because we don't find out the gender until birth I like these "old wives' tales" .

    Oh...the chinese gender predictor and bpm predictor say I'm having a boy. A few other quizzes...even other chinese gender predictor charts say girl

    Anyone else having fun with these types of things (lol, being exhausted and sick has lent itself to above average online time for me as you can tell )?

    Dorcas...I'm especially curious if you've done any of these silly quizzes, lol, since you already know you're having a boy
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    I have had several coworkers swear up and down I am having a boy, a random person I met swears I am having a girl.... Most of the "predictor tests" say who knows. I get to wait til my birthday to find out I guess.....
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    The chinese gender predictor said boy. It said boy with DS1 but girl for DS2 .... so it's about 66.3% right? ;) I haven't tried the BPM one ... I would now for you but I can't remember the BPM at the moment. LOL.
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    I have fun with them too. The Chinese calendar is the only one that says boy for me. But it qas wrong with my other kids too. Every other predictor says girl. The Mayan calendar was right with both boy's and this time says girl. That one is age of conception and year you conceived. If both even or both odd its girl. If one even and one odd its boy. So for me it was right with both kids. Ds#1 I was 29 upon conception and it was 2008. So odd/ even= boy. Ds#2 I was 31 upon conception and it was 2010 do odd/even= boy. This one I'm 34 on conception and its 2014. Even/even= girl. We will see. Lol......

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    Well going off that it is correct for me this time. I really can't remember from my other pregnancies.

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    I was the same -- I've only had boys but my leg hair growth slowed down DRASTICALLY while I was pregnant!!!

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