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    I am currently two weeks late for my period and have noticed some lightheaded spells. I have taken three home pregnancy tests, all with negative results. Tonight I started experiencing some very brief cramping, however different from my usual menstrual cramps.

    Generally my period is regular and on time. I should mention, also that last menstrual cycle started with about one week of very dark brown spotty, irregular discharge/bleeding followed by a shorter than usual period.

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    I would say if your two weeks late and the pregnancy test are negative then more than likely you are not pregnant. It does sometimes happen that a woman is pregnant and not get a positive on a home pregnancy test however it is rare. Have you been under any stress, change any medicines? If you don't start soon call your Dr; they can do labwork to check hormone levels, check for cyst, also have your thyroid checked because that can affect your cycle. Good luck!

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