Hello Ladies,

I haven't been on here in about 6 years! Some of you may remember me. I used to post under the name SaraH.

Back story:

My husband and I met in 1996. Started dating immediately. We knew we would be together forever about 3-4 months in and because we both wanted a lot of babies we started ttc right away. We were 18 years old.(he was in the army.... Active duty) He got out of the army at 22. At 23 years old we got married. He is the love of my life and always will be.

We were having No luck getting pregnant and could not afford a fertility dr. Husband joined the army for a second time in hopes of us affording fertility help. We started seeing a great dr. That's when we found out I had PCOS!! Over the next four years we tried clomped....follistem & ovidril.... No luck.
After a year in Iraq we decided to get out of the army again.. Was not worth risking his life. Even though we were so proud of his service! So in 2008 he got out for the second time.

We gave up trying with dr.'s and just did our bbt's and tried on our own..... And NOTHING. Gave up trying in 2010. In 2013 we were 35 years old. We thought we would give it one last go. Tried last year for 6 months on our own. Again.... Nothing. So we gave up after 17 years of trying! This time we really gave up. All hope of having children gone! Finally this time we made peace with it.

So in February of this year I started feeling yucky..... I know pregnancy symptoms like the back of my hand.... They were all there.... Could it be?
No it couldn't said my mind. Phantom symptoms.... My mind playing tricks on me!! My heart could only hope. Was too scared to poas. Didn't think I could handle another negative test.

We'll, the end of February was talking to my sister on the phone on her birthday. We talked about how I was feeling. She convinced me to go buy a few pregnancy tests that afternnoon. So I did. Got home and tested right away. Almost immediately I got a BFP!! Then another and another!!

Called the dr. Made an appt..... Waited a week to get in. Then dr. Got a positive as we'll!!
Made an appt with ob/gyn.....waited another two weeks. Went in did a sonogram and saw the heartbeat!! Fast forward three more weeks.... Hear the heartbeat with the Doppler!!

We are now 12 weeks pregnant!! And everything is perfect and going well. Can you believe it? I am now 36 years old and husband and I have been together for 18 years!!

So why now? Dr. Says my left ovary doesn't appear to have worked in quite awhile. However in my right ovary.... New big fat cyst!! She believes the cyst made my ovary kick out some eggs!! This is not my first cyst. But the first that has kick started my ovaries! I will take it!! Hate having cysts.... So painful... But this one, I am sooooo thankful for!!

We are still a bit in shock... And everyone that hears the story says..."we'll they say when you give up that's when it happens!"

I have always hated hearing this and still do. I don't think that's it. I believe it was just chance , luck, or fate. Whatever you believe in.

I will keep ya'll updated as we progress. I just wanted to post this because I know better than anyone the depression, heartbreak, and feeling of failure that not being able to conceive causes us as women!

Point of my story: always keep hope!! Anything can happen!! Keep your head up!! You are never alone in this!!

Good Luck to everyone out there that's still ttc!!

Love, SaraH. (Now Sara)

P.s. Paula, Nett, Robin, Songbird Kay... I miss you ladies!!