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    Default Elek's 2 Week Check-Up

    Well, they actually scheduled it when he was 11 days but I guess it doesn't matter.

    IDK why but with every one of our children, at their first appointment they tend to soil their diaper right before. This time I was ready and we cleaned him up prior. With the other two the nurse had a "surprise" when she checked them and it was embarrassing for us.

    Anyway, Elek was 6lbs 6oz when he left the hospital and 18.5in long. He has already grown to 6lbs 14oz and 19.5in in just 11 days! The weight gain was not as much of a surprise as the length gain for me. A whole inch in such a short time? It seems impossible to me but I guess not. lol His next appointment is at the end of May.

    His pedi suggested we get an ultrasound of Elek's hips before he turns 6 weeks. I didn't think this would be necessary since he was born via c-section, but she said they like to do one just to make sure. Apparently, breech babies can have trouble with their hips dislocating. I was breech and had this issue but I was also a vaginal breech birth. I didn't think c-section babies had the same risk. Anyone heard of this?

    Here is a pic of Elek taken yesterday.

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