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    So I've dine this I the past with cherri22 and heard wonderful things another lady does so I decided to give her a try. She only asked for my date of birth number of living children and mc. That was it, we'll she hit the hammer right in the nail for me, the things i was stressing, and why i was stressing and I didn't say a word. She gave me dates and gender then sent me a message from my expectant child. I was thrilled. My child has sensed my fears of a loss and wants me to jump in with both feet and not hold back, apparently be is the same way anyway I was sopleaaed she then told me that when I see things pertaining to range's or maybe a song, movie, ect. Seeing horses , bulls things of that nature is my sun letting me know he's close, now the irony of that is that I had just watched a young girl sing the National anthem at a Rodeo, then the pics of her horse riding and riding a mechanical bull. My jaw fell open she would not have, could not have known that.
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    Cindy, do you live in Houston? I saw you put Rodeo...haha

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