I have absolutely no boy name ideas or preferences and dh likes Timothy so even though I'm meh about it a boy will be Timothy Robert (my dad and younger brother's names are Robert).

For a girl's name though I LOVE the name Evangeline and I LOVE the name Eleanor. Dh likes Evangeline and is meh about Eleanor so a girl will be Evangeline. However, I really want to combine the names, but our last name is Owens so:

Evangeline Eleanor Owens

I am super happy with how it sounds, but her initials would be three vowels and even worse EEO which brings to mind "Old Macdonald had a farm EIEIO" . I'm fine with it since no one uses initials anymore until adulthood and then it's only occasionally and really a non-issue imo.

Dh doesn't think the initials mattered, but would I be a bad mom for dooming my daughter to a lifetime of the initials EEO, lol or am I overthinking it???

Other options (that dh isn't as fond of but he leaves middles names up to me):

Evangeline Cate (or Kate...my twin's name is Chris so the C spelling would be in honor of him, but my name begins with a K so that would be fine too ).
Evangeline Claire (dh's least fav of the three middle names)