I seriously think my 5 yo has a split personality. She can be 2 completely different people and I really never know which one I am going to be facing from day to day.

For the most part she is a sweet, caring, fun-loving, helpful kid. Luckily that is the more dominant personality. But she has another side. A side no one but DH and I see and it's for lack of a better word, horrifying. She can be downright nasty, bull-headed, defiant, angry, bratty,.....you get what I mean. It's very hard to deal with her when she is in that mindset. She doesn't listen and will set her mind on something she wants and just keep at it until she gets it. She can be reprimanded and punished from here until Tuesday and it doesn't make a difference.

Anyone else have a kid like this??? Is this normal?! She generally respects us and responds well to rules but when she gets in this "way" it's like she is another person