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Thread: Hormones, nightsweats and hives

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    I know there are several moms on here who have experienced hives either on themselves or their kiddos. I was hoping someone could help me to figure out if that's what I have going on.

    This seems to be a hormonal thing for me and my OB hasn't been too helpful with this specific problem. Since having my babies, I'm pretty sure that I'm in perimenopause because I have many of the symptoms. One of them seems to be night sweats with my period. It starts a day or two before AF and lasts until a day or two after. It's awful. I don't even feel hot, I just wake up sweaty and then feel chilly from the sweat and have to change blankets. Well almost every month when this happens, I also get what I believe are hives on my hips where they contact the bed when I lay on my sides. (I'm pretty much only a side-sleeper) It happens on both sides and I definitely feel a lot of sweat right on these spots whan I wake. UGH! It drives me nuts! Anyway, the "hives" or whatever it is forms in raised, puffy red lines (or sometimes just spots) and are very itchy. They clear up if I can manage to leave them alone, but get really bad if I scratch.

    So my questions are... does anyone have ideas to try to make the night sweats stop and do hives sometimes form in lines like that?

    Thanks for any advice!
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