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    The school called yesterday late morning and Erin had to go pick up Katie. The nurse had taken her temp because Katie said she didn't feel good and her temp was 100.6, so Erin had to go get her. Gave her some Tylenol and she was fine the rest of the day. She just came downstairs 10 minutes ago crying that her head hurt really bad. She is burning up! We can't find our thermometer, so Erin's going to go buy a new one so we can see how high it is. She has no other symptoms -- oops, spoke too soon, she just coughed. She says nothing else hurts and I'm sure the headache is from the fever.

    Okay, I take it all back. She just threw up. So I guess mystery solved?

    Edit: Her temp is 101.5.
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    i hope she feels better soon!

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    Stomach stuff has been going around it seems. I hope that she is better very soon.
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    Sounds like Strep Throat to me. Headache, fever, and tummy ache. Sometimes with strep the sore throat isn't that bad. I would have her swabed before the weekend just to be sure.

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    We just dealt with a horrible bout of strep/stomach stuff. Also my nephew has been dealing with an on and off fever for weeks following a stomach bug and cough and no one seems to know what the cause is. He has had all sorts of tests. They think it's still a lingering virus. Wacky stuff. Hope she feels better!
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    Aww, poor thing! I hope she's better soon!

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    Erin took her in this morning for a strep test. The quick strep in the office came back negative, but they sent off a full strep to the lab. Except for the fever, they said it appears to just be a bad cold, but that wouldn't explain the fever. Colds don't usually have such a high fever. My sister-in-law is having a thing for all the kids this afternoon (my grandkids and her brother's grandkids -- she herself doesn't have any grandkids yet), Easter crafts and cookie baking, but with Katie being sick, she and Nathan aren't going now. We don't want to risk passing something to the others. So she's going to be out running around tomorrow in our area, she said, so she's going to bring some of the stuff over for Katie and Nathan tomorrow.
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