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Um, yeah. When I was 7 months pregnant hubby came home and said he was losing his job. Throw in 8 years of ttc DS in the first place, and I've probably been depressed for a very long time. Then we had to move back across the country to live with my parents for 2 very long years. Good God how did we get through that. My parents are wonderful people, but we don't see eye to eye on many things so it was hard. And then our son was born with a heart/lung condition that tortured us his first week he was born and now it just tortures me daily until something happens and he'll have to have heart surgery. It's coming, we just don't know when...its the not knowing is what kills you.

That's a very good question: Why do they want to get a rise out of us?!?! I feed, clothe, hug, kiss, change his freaking diaper because he doesn't want to use the big boy potty. AT ALL. And he still pushes every button I have. I swear to God he's the smartest kid I know.
Then it's very likely that it's not ppd but that's it's just a continuation of the depression you had before you had him. You've been through a lot!
My son wasn't fully potty trained until K. To this day he sometimes still wets his pants. He just gets so preoccupied he forgets to go.
He's also very smart. He does great in everything and really only acts up for me. I think maybe the smarter kids have a harder with the emotional stuff and following directions kind of things.
People have suggested that maybe he's feeding off my moods. Maybe the same thing is happening to you.