First off, I'd throw myself in front of a bus to save his life. I love my son more than anything in this world, but he drives me insane. I need to vent about him and I have no one to vent too. I've tried being honest with my husband but he's just sick of hearing the same thing day in and day out. So he's not an option anymore. We had a HUGE fight about it last night, oh it was awful. We've even been trying for another one, but on Tuesday it hit me that I just can't handle another baby. I'm going to be 38, very soon, it took us 8 yrs to get our son but he's been a nightmare since they cut him out of me. Motherhood hasn't been a bed of roses for me at all. And I need to be able to vent that and so much more without being judged. If that's even possible. I am so tired, I suffer from migraines, real ones that include seeing a neurologist, I sleep horribly. I'm home all day with him. I take a couple of hours a week for myself, but it's just boring being alone. I don't drink so going out with the girls isn't an option since most think I'm strange for not drinking. Hello?? Migraines people. I digress. Does anyone know of someplace I can go online where I won't be judged for saying what I really feel? I'm nearing the end of my sanity rope. And we live paycheck to paycheck so therapy is out.