I use the MyFitnessPal app and love it . It doesn't adjust for pg, but in the 1st tri you don't need any extra calories; in your 2nd and 3rd tris with a twin pg though you'll need 600 calories over your daily maintenance level (300/baby). Imo, a 5lb gain in the 1st tri is great . Considering you should gain 35-45lbs with a twin pg I'd say you're right on track...you've got less than 30wks left so an avg of 1lb/wk from now on would be a great goal . I think even more important than caloric intake though is nutritional content...don't worry about it too much until you start feeling better, but once you're able to eat normally again really try to focus on foods that are nutrient dense. If I were expecting twins I'd request a referral to a dietitian asap to get a better idea of what a healthy twin pg diet looks like to make sure you and both babies are getting the right amount of nutrition for the healthiest possible outcome .

Praying the time goes quickly and you have great appts !!!

the wait is so grueling...I totally get that !!!