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Thread: 30week appt update!

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    Default 30week appt update!

    I forgot to update yesterday, Twin A had a heartbeat of 146 Twin B 152. Both head up still. We discussed delivery in more detail, I will have a trial of labour for 14 hour, if not engaged and at least 6-7cms at that point, it's an automatic c section, not feeling to optimistic about delivery now. I was told to mentally prepare incase my ob isn't on call when I go into Labour she knows most of the other doctors will push for csection.
    Otherwise my pregnancy is going amazing. Im up 35lbs will have ultrasound next week since the belly is alittle on the big side but we aren't too worried.

    With Dd they had to break two sacks of water and I delivered her 45 mins later, so Im assuming I just carry lots of fluid. I laboured 31 hours with her.

    Hers to hoping the next 5-7weeks go by fast Im more then ready to know who's in there.

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    Wow great update! Not too much longer for you! It stinks thinking about all the possibilities of a twin labor and really hard to have any kind of birth plan. Here's hoping your doc is on call when you go into labor.

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    That Trail of Labour does sound pretty disappointing. And like a LOT of pressure!

    I would try to mentally prepare for a c/s just in case, though, due to my personal experience. I was SOOO adamantly against one that I experienced PTSD after mine. I feel like if I had at least researched the process and known that I was going to feel EVERY.LAST.MOVEMENT but just not have any pain associated with it, I could have dealt with the experience SO much better! Now facing my 3rd c/s, I'm definitely prepared and not worried about the process in the least.

    I certainly hope you get the birth that you want, though!
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    So glad to hear babies are doing well ! Praying you progress quickly once labor starts and you're able to deliver w/o a c/s !!
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