I am not doing a big birthday for the kids this year, just 1 or 2 friends with their families. DS1's birthday party will be on Sunday 4/13 at a local park. It will be our family and 2 other families - total of 7 kids and 6 adults. One of these adults is my good friend who has a lot of dietary restrictions: no gluten, no cheese, no meat to name the big ones. One of the kids (her first son) is GF. The rest of the attendees has no dietary restrictions. So I was thinking to bring fruit and veggies with dip (she could eat all of it), regular pizza for all, GF pizza from TJ for her son, which has to be cooked at home and served cold, regular cake and GF cupcakes.

There are several restaurants with GF party platters but those cost quite a bit and completely defeat the reason of why I am not throwing a big party (I do not want to spend a fortune on a birthday). My DH thinks she will get offended that her diet is not accommodated and we did not buy from her favorite place. The platter from there is $90 and that's in addition to drinks, fruit, veggies. I am thinking that I can accommodate only that much, if there is plenty of fruit and veggies she can wait till she comes home or she can pack something for herself. The pizza I am planning to serve will cost us $30 vs the $90 from the place. Plus my kids are not huge fans of Mexican food (which is what she likes) so I have to totally cater to their family and I just do not want to spend that kind of money. I would totally get the GF pizza for her son but it has cheese on it so my friend won't eat it. Am I wrong? WWYD?

And for the record, she can technically eat meat and cheese but she feels like meat is horrible and cheese is too fattening. If she were allergic to any ingredients like peanuts, that would be a different story.