So I'm trying to think of stuff to buy for the baby. Keeps me busy during this very long wait and it spreads out purchases so my DH doesn't freak out. So just wondering what everyone's favorite things for the baby were and what you consider must haves...or just really loved even if it's not a must.

What I have so far: crib and bedding/decor (room is almost done), a bouncy seat, stroller, infant carseat, baby tub and a squishy thing for me to kneel on (comes in handy bathing the dogs too!), pack n play, cloth diapers and wipes, diaper bag, patemm pad (that is nice!). I haven't ordered it yet but I also know what high chair we will get. Oh I also have two sleep cotton and one fleece since I don't know the season.

Of course I know we will need clothes but really am waiting on that to see what gender and even more important, what season baby will be whatever sizes in. We have vastly different seasons in WI.

I also know I will need bottles but am waiting on that as well to see if baby has a favorite already when we bring him or her home (baby might be a few weeks old before we can take custody).

My family will be throwing a shower but it will end up being more a meet and greet. I'm going to have them put out the word for things like clothes, toys, books (especially books....we LOVE books in our house )

So what am I missing? I need something to research options and shop for. Stores like babiesrus and buybuybaby are like 2 hours away so I have been mostly amazon shopping.