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Thread: 4m pp ebf & not losing any weight :-/ so discouraging.

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    Default 4m pp ebf & not losing any weight :-/ so discouraging.

    So I'm a first time mom of a beautiful 4 month old baby boy. I was 130lbs before pregnancy, gave birth at 164lbs and dropped to 147 2 wks after birth. I then gained a bit because I was always hungry and overtired, 154ish. My fiance and I are getting married in the first week of June so I've gotten serious about this weight loss but I'm eating plenty of healthy cals, dropped the junk food and have been doing safe workouts/walks. I know I need to be eating around 1600 cals s day to breastfeed. In one week of dropping the junk food, eating healthy and getting active I did loose a few pounds going from 153 to 147, but I'm still doing the same things and I've gained back two pounds! It doesn't make sense. I know everyone tells me not to worry about it and no I won't do anything to harm myself/breast milk or baby but I would like to drop more weight so I can feel good at my wedding so I'm pretty disappointed :-/...before birth I read so many things about breastfeeding helping with weight loss so I was really counting on it. I never would have planned my wedding for June if I'd known I wouldnt lose much weight.

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    Not everyone is so lucky as to lose weight during breastfeeding. I do not, i have to work twice as hard to lose while breastfeeding, my body desperately clings to its extra fat while supporting a baby. My babies wouldn't starve during a famine

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    You still have close to a couple of months before the wedding that could mean a few pounds gone but, even if you are unable to lose the weight I am sure you beautiful how are you. I don't have an excuse the truth of the matter is I was 128 at my first ob/gyn appointment with my son he'll be six in July and I have never been below 150 my current weight. Its a mix of my own problem and health issues. It happens. Some women lose weight during their hospital stay and others never lose it. I lost some weight while breastfeeding but, my breastfeeding didn't go long because I struggled to eat. I've heard some moms gain while nursing everyone's body does different things. I am sure regardless you will be a beautiful June bride.
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    The last 15-20 lbs is the hardest. I had to do a serious workout routine to lose mine each time. I never dieted because of the bfing. I did have to do a routine 3 days a week... 30 mins a day. Good luck.
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