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    When I picked up my son at daycare they told me that they think he has thrush. I don't have any symptoms. He was refusing his bottle and has white spots in his mouth. He normally drinks all bottles.

    What are the implications of thrush? Does he have to go to the doctor? They said I could bring him to daycare if he is eating ok. I was surprised. They didn't have a clear cut policy on whether I have to take him to the doctor. Any advice would be helpful. My older three never had thrush.

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    I'd call your pediatrician because if things are painful enough that he doesn't want to eat he likely needs an anti fungal to get rid of it. You'll want it gone quickly for him, too, because thrush for you is excruciating and he can give it to you.

    They probably aren't concerned with contagiousness in this case but obviously don't want a crabby, hungry in pain baby coming to daycare.
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    So he ate his solids fine, drank half his bottle and is nursing fine. Any chance they are wrong about thrush?

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    When Hayden got out of the NICU she came down with thrush...Xander and Lily were still in the NICU and they came down with it too. The hospital treated them with meds, I got Gentamicin Violet over the worked and cleared Hayden's up quickly. Hayden didn't really refuse bottles, but she did have the white coated tongue.

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    Yes, they could be wrong. Double check the white spots, do they wipe off? Thrush looks like curds of milk that don't come off, usually inside the cheeks or on the tongue. You definitely want to treat with something, as it is very painful in the breasts. If you still see the white patches you should probably take him to be seen, they will likely prescribe Nystatin, an antifungal.

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