DD2 has had various tics on and off for about a year now. Mostly they are vocal...when they began they were like a cough (which I thought was a lagging cold at first), then they became throat clearing, now they are kind of like a hiccup/gasping sound. There has been space where she has not had any symptoms in between each of these episodes. My prime concern is that next year when she starts kindergarten, if this continues, she will be called out on it by other kids and feel bad. I haven't talked to her about it really because what would I say? I know firsthand you can't control this very well as it's impulse-driven, because as a kid I did the same thing. Still do sometimes, actually--usually blinking or muscle jerks. (So clearly she gets this from me.)

I was reading that diet may be a cause, as well as stress or lack of sleep. We eat fairly healthy but she is definitely has a sweet tooth, so I wonder if sugars may be an issue. She doesn't eat a lot of junk, but might have a small bit of dessert after lunches and dinners (most times it's a home-baked treat, a cookie or brownie). She could be stressed...the baby of course demands a lot of attention and she is the middle child...but this started before he was born.

If anyone has any input or experience please share!