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Thread: Quotes about sons?

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    Default Quotes about sons?

    A friend of mine is pregnant and she found out she is having another boy. Her oldest is a girl and then this will make her fourth boy. Her FB announcement has been met with a lot of "ANOTHER boy?!?" type remarks. This baby was also conceived from rape and she has chosen to keep the baby. Obviously just that part of it makes things extremely difficult and emotional already (understatement), but I also think she would have loved to have a girl. The people making these comments don't know how this baby was conceived, but even so, comments like that are not encouraging.

    I have been mulling over how to respond to her FB announcement and I would love to have a great quote about the blessing of having sons, specifically. Any ideas?

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    This one is my favorite even put a poem card in each of my shower invite..
    How God Made Little Boys......
    He took some jam, and some apple pies,
    He mixed in freckles, put twinkles in the eyes,
    He mussed up the hair and scuffed the knees,
    Created a desire for climbing tall trees.
    Spirit, fun, courage, heart….the need to explore.
    He added these items….and so much more.
    When he was done, He rested with joy
    For there before Him was the wonder of a boy.
    Author: Wendy Lyn

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    Congrats to your friend, who is so incredibly brave I can only imagine how hard it is to read/hear the comments when she is already struggling emotionally with the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy.

    Unfortunately I don't really know any good quotes. The one in the pp is very sweet.

    Anne (37) DH (37) Olivia (4) Harrison (1)

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    I found a few on Pinterest. People can be so cruel to say such things
    sometimes. She is amazing for being brave to raise this child in a hard circumstance.
    *** Lindsay ***

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    ~*~Katrina~*~ Momma to Xander, Hayden & Lily (6) and Jericho (3 1/2)

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    I just shared this one on my fb page earlier today! It's not mine and it doesn't say who created it though...

    I hope the very best for your friend. It sounds like she is a very strong woman and I hope she doesn't let the rude people get to her.
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