Anyone have any experience with living in a townhouse with children?

We are downsizing our house due to the cost of everything but the mortgage (that is low)...but the heat and maintenance inside and out (with a million trees and plants vs. just grass) is just too much.

In our area, we can either get a tiny, cramped twin, a really old single, or a nice townhouse. We lived in a townhouse prior to kids. We moved because the fees kept going up to the point where they were as much as our mortgage, and i swore I'd never live in a townhouse again. I saw one this weekend, and it had everything I wanted..and very low fees. ANd the idea of not having to do any maintenance outside is appealing, so I am reconsidering. I wonder how it would be having kids in a townhouse and having them outside running around everywhere. This community has a walking trail and lots of open space.