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    I am so tired of constantly scrubbing our placemats. My kids seem to be messy despite outgrowing toddlerhood by now and it seems like I just can't win.

    What do you do with your place mats? Are they the clothes type that you can just throw in the washer and then iron? If so, how are those holding shape after long term use?

    Mine are the straw type that you just wipe and/or wash and I am doing that all the time (seems like!).

    So... what do you do for place mats in your house and how is it working for you?

    P.S. I like for my kitchen table to look pretty so it all does have to match and look nice. That may be too much I am asking for!

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    The straw ones sound like a nightmare with all those crevices to get stuff stuck in. I'd say cloth or laminate ones or ditch them altogether.
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    I have a love hate relationship with placemats I have gone through stages where i used them all the time, and others where i just ditched them because they are such a hassle. I have a 100+yr old table that was last refinished in 1930ish by DH's great grandfather. Its been the family table forever. we inheritied it about 10yrs ago and without fail if we are around his side of the family some one asks how its doing. We have bought and sold 3houses while owning it, and each time we have looked at houses we have had to bring a measuring tape for the dining room. if the table doesnt fit, no go! (its 5x10 with all the leaves).

    All that to say im paranoid about the table getting damaged. for awhile we only used it for special occasions, but for the last 8m we've used it for every meal, so i have table cloths/placemats, etc on it.

    Right now i have a plastic table cloth, a cloth one, and bamboo placemats. They just get wiped off after each meal.

    I do have cloth placemats, but im not crazy about them because they dont dry flat, and really only look good if they are ironed. I used to pay one of my girls by the mat to iron them

    I do also use the plastic ones sometimes too.

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    We have some cloth ones I wouldn't want to have plastic or anything else. We wash ours 3-4 times a week.
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    We don't use them. I have a table cloth with a heavy plastic cover. I got it at Joann's fabric store for $10! Best thing ever! It protects my tablecloth and it's easy to wipe and clean and if it gets too yucky I just get a new one.
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    We use cloth placemats at every meal, mostly to keep the table nice (I'm not a tablecloth fan). I have some that dry nice and flat, and some that dry crinkled up every time. Obviously, I use the ones that dry flat a lot more often. I would say, from a fabric perspective, that cloth ones that are made out of a synthetic blend will dry a lot more nicely than those made of 100% cotton or linen.
    I would get frustrated trying to clean anything like straw that has cracks or crevices in it!
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    I gave up on placemats a long time ago. I do have some cloth ones for formal holiday type stuff... But in general we just use our table as is (I do have coasters for water glasses).
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    I use cloth and wash them. I think mine are just cheapies from Walmart. I have nice ones for family dinners or tablecloths. But everyday use is just placemats that I wash.

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    Yeah, ours are machine washable cloth. Josh has one he made out of duct tape (he took a piece of thick paper and covered it completely with duct tape) so it's pretty easy to wash-we just wipe it down.

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    we don't have them for adults. We just use a plastic covered one with animals of the world for my son. And we have an extra for the boy with whom we share our nanny. Easy to wipe and that's it. (not this one, but similar:

    My parents sometimes have them at home. We just use cloth ones with matching cloth napkins; all can be thrown in the washer. Or cork-backed wooden ones which are laminated and can be wiped down. Like this: That might be your best in-between bet...

    Here are a bunch of patterns.
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    I have a two different sets of cloth ones. One set is woven, the other is quilted and has matching cloth napkins. I also have a couple others sets of two placemats that we never use that we were given when we got married. One is white and the other is kind of too fancy for daily use. All are cloth though. We use them for every meal and wash like once a week or so, when they need it. DS still eats in his high chair so he doesn't use a placemat yet.

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