Hi everyone - DH and I went to our first u/s on Tuesday and its twins! I'm very excited but also extremely nervous as these will be our first babies! I have so many questions maybe some of you experienced mamas of twins can answer.
When will I need maternity clothes? I am plus size now
How long should I plan to work? I work a 40+ hour job nights and weekends on my feet
Can I deliver vaginally?
Will I be able to breastfeed?
I've never really considered doing cloth diapers? Should I?
What kind of baby gear do I really need? Do they make a way to wear twins?
When should I register? How early should I have my showers?
My job is at The Children's Place and I've never bought the "up to 7lb size" because I always thought I would have a baby bigger than that. Should I start to stock up on that newborn size?
Any other advice is welcome and appreciated! Still kind of in shock that this is really happening!