Hello laaaadies! My name is Rachel, i was a big part of APA for my first born back in 2010. I got a light positive test yesterday, april 4th. Which was also, my WEDDING day. So you can imagine the kind of day I had yesterday, my mind was going crazy with excitement.

But this morning darker lines and a positive digi!! Very happy!! I told my new husband last night, with a wrapped up pee stick and a card. He cried like a baby and said it was the best wedding gift ever!! It was the best day of our lives.

According to my calculations, due date would be Dec 18th. I do realize I am barely pregnant! Here is hoping this baby sticks. Would love all the sticky vibes in the world!!

Posting a pic of my tests from the past two days. Lightest one yesterday, and darker today. Achey booooobs, ugh.

photo (9).JPG