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    I have to make sure I burp dd every time because she get crazy air bubbles. I've been sleeping on the couch since dd2 was born (8 weeks now) bc it's just easier to sleep with her in the co-sleeper and then bf and burp her all right there. I'm just wondering when will I be able to nurse her in bed, while we are both half asleep and not worry about her spitting up bc I didn't burp her?

    I'm pretty comfortable on the couch and have no problem stay there as long as I need to ....just curious as to when, if ever, I can expect to sleep in my bed.

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    It took us a long time before I could nurse DS in bed during the night without burping him. I'd say 7 months.

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    Oh dang that's a long time lol. I hope it's sooner for us than that. Anyone else...

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    My DS2 still needs to be burped every single time at 9 months. He sleeps in his own bed, though, so it isn't a big deal to burp him and then put him back in bed.
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