Ok, particularly those who have had to potty train an older child who has younger siblings in diapers. I know that is what is holding this up with my 3 yr old. She knows how to use it, when she needs to go but is refusing. This week she spent 4 days at my moms. Peed in the potty like a champ. Still issues with poop but had the pee under control. The minute she came home, peeing in her pants again. I put her in regular pants, if she pees them I have her clean herself up, help clean the floor and help change her into clean pants and have her carry the dirty items to a basket in the bathroom.

I try giving her special attention, and letting the twins play on their own in the playroom with us which they do well so I am not continuously doting on them.

We have tried stickers, candy, anything, she doesn't care. HELP!!!