last night i thought dh was watching V while i loaded the dishes and cleaned the kitchen after dinner. he thought that i was watching her. she opened her bedroom door, climbed up on to her changing table and got the Benadryl off of the shelf (that is about 6 ft off the floor) opened it even though it had a "child proof" cap on it and drank a bunch. i called poison control, they said bring her to the er so i did and spent half the night with her there they did an ekg and had her drink charcoal, then monitored her heart-rate and breathing for 4 hours then sent us home.
it was a long 4 hours as an overdose of Benadryl will make a young child hyper. the nursing staff was super nice and let us walk the halls while dragging around a portable monitor.
she is fine but i am so upset about it. i keep getting all teary eyed about it. please tell me that this is a "normal" thing that parents go thru... that i am not the only one that has had something like this happen.

and what long term effects can an od of benadryl have on a child?