Sorry I have been Mia but things have been hectic since going into labor last has it been that long already.

Well here goes. On Monday after having tons of contractions over a four day span I stood up from sitting on my couch and my water broke. Drove myself to my dh job a few minutes away and then to the hospital. When I got to the hospital the flood gates really opened up. I got checked and was sitting at 4cm. Started walking around cause contractions were not very good. After two hours with no change doctors put me on pit. I was stalled at 4cm til 1045 that night. Just as the doctors started talking about csection I asked to be checked again because I was shaking so bad. A sure sign for me that things were moving. She checked me at 1115 and I was 8 checked again at 1200 and I was complete. Three little pushes and he was born at 1209 am on march 25.

About 20 mins later he was latched on nursing like a champ. Then at noon the next day all hell broke loose. He got really sleepy and would nurse. He also hadn't pooped yet. I was highly concerned but the nurse said that it could happen...he was just tired. Fast forward to 4 in the morning and he still wasn't eating and they started shoving expressed milk down his throat with a syringe. But he was just throwing it back up. His stomach was swollen and he wasn't pooping on his own. At 8 the next morning I demanded to see the ped on call and he was a complete joke. He keep telling me that he just had a confused suck...the nurses were putting down that he was eating and I keep telling them he's not eating he throwing it back up. Finally I called my ped when they tried to discharge me at 9. She came over and took one look at him and order an xray. He was immediately placed in the nicu to await transport to another hospital.