Sorry I havent been around to post and be supportive. I've been sneaking on and checking in on you all tho. I'm so happy to see all the new BFP announcements and gender reveals! Things have been crazy here. We had to pack (which was horrible! lol) and move. Lately the kids have been sick a lot (darn weather changes) and now we're battling lice with Peyton. Hopefully it will be over soon tho.

I did have a question for you guys. Hair dye? Is it ok now? I'm almost in my 3rd tri. I know back when I had Marissa it wasn't ok but lately I've been reading that it is ok if it's ammonia free and you're out of the 1st tri. My next dr appt is in 2 weeks so I can ask then but I was curious. I know when my bff was preg a couple months ago her dr said it was ok for her to dye her hair and it shocked me because of not being able to with M.