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    Baby Elek and I were discharged from the hospital this afternoon. I got home about two hours ago. Elek has been wide eyed and observant most of the day. He stayed awake the entire trip from the hospital to the pharmacy and then home (45min trip) and just now fell asleep. He seems to want to soak up everything he can about his new environment. His big brother got to hold him and feed him and did so well. He is a very proud big brother.

    Unfortunately, when we got home I realized that my most important pain medication was not among the prescriptions filled by the pharmacy. Turns out they never got it. DH had to get on the phone to get it sent in and has now gone in to get it. So I am home with all my kids by myself on my first day back. Thankfully I am not in very much pain (hardly any) and my kids are being good.

    When I looked through my medications I saw they had included an iron supplement. I was not told that I needed one, so this surprised me. However, now the extreme tiredness I have been feeling makes sense. I was told by one of my nurses it was normal to feel tired because my body is recovering from major surgery so I thought nothing else of it. Apparently, surgery made me extremely anemic. The tiredness I am feeling is like no other tiredness I have ever experienced. I literally fall asleep if I close my eyes for even a moment and if I want to watch a movie or read a book, forget it. I am instantly asleep.

    So far I have found the c-section experience not near as bad as I worried it would be. I was up and walking 6hrs after surgery and then spent half of the next day (first day after surgery) walking around the hospital with my husband and baby. I was stiff but not hurting and couldn't stand being in bed. Yesterday was the worst so far. The pain was horrible from the release of gasses from the surgery into my right shoulder. It felt like I was being electrocuted. Also, when I woke up, my stomach muscles hurt very badly compared to the day before. They were sore like I had done a major workout but were not so bad that they were unbearable. I had also stupidly slept through my pain meds that night so awoke with absolutely no meds in my system. I still spent a large part of the day walking around. It hurt less to walk around.

    Today I feel almost normal except for the extreme tiredness and the gas buildup that has yet to completely dissipate. I have been having no trouble going up and down my stairs.
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