Just came back from my two weeks ob check and got so messed up. First they told me last week about the gestational diabetes and gave me my monitoring set. So I gave my best to try out what I can eat and which food doesn't work. I got some high numbers because of lactose intolerance but I'm doing perfect since three days. They sceduled an appointment with a nutrition specialist yesterday (!), untill then I wasn't even informed what gest. diabetes is and how to take care of my bloodsugar levels.

So today when I went to see my midwife they told me to go to a gynecologist instead without even telling me why. I also had an u/s last week to have a look at my low lying placenta and didn't get more information last week than "a radiologist has to take a look at it". So of course I was scared that there is something wrong with the baby. When the gynecologist finally showed up (after letting me wait 30 minutes) and I told her that I was scared she didn't even know about the u/s and told me then that I had four bloodsugar values that were way too high and I have to take insulin. Are they kidding me????? Without giving me any instruction I figured out what to do and they wanted to hang me up on four values from last week ....by the way one value was after an orange and the nutrition specialist yesterday told me to eat oranges before she saw that value.... So I told her that I want additional time to figure it out on my own and fortunately after some arguing she "allowed" me to try one more week because my fasting levels were all okay.

She then had a look at the u/s results and came back to tell me that the baby lookes fine but I need to have an other u/s with a specialist from Oahu on april, 8. Because they still say I'm at a high risk but didn't do a transvaginal u/s like they should have. And why I didn't have that transvaginal u/s. Do I look like I'm the specialist that knows what to do? It's my first pregnancy. And she also added that the u/s scanner the specialist has is better than the one at the hospital. Why didn't they scedule me to that specialist from the beginning? Do they really think I can just come and see them every day? And I couldn't ask any questions about the baby they saw in the u/s. I'm a biologist just telling me everything looks good after a two minutes look at some results doesn't reassure me enough. I just wanted to know things more accurate.

Well I try to calm me down now and just be happy about the additional pictures we will have from Elina and hopefully some really nice ones too