I started the hunt for a pediatrician today. I live in a fairly small town, so there aren't too many options, but there are options. While I will do some independent research I wanted to ask you seasoned moms for help on this.

I stopped in one office to schedule an appt and they told me there is a $35 fee to interview the doctor. First of all, is that normal? A friend was kind enough to point out to me that I am taking up their time, so a fee isn't necessarily unreasonable. I just never heard of that before.

Next, what should I be asking? What should I be looking for? What are red flags? Should I also try looking for a family practice not just a pedi?

We do plan on vaxing so I don't need to find someone ok with an alternative schedule.

Is this process even really necessary, maybe that's a dumb question, but maybe I just got it in my head that I have to do it...