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    My DD will turn 4 this july and my DS will turn 1. They are 3 yrs 3 days apart(both their bdays are in july).. THis year I plan to call all her preschool friends to the party + handful of good friends. DS being only 1, I dont want to have a seperate party for him. I am thinking I will order a seperare cake and cut it during the party. I will inform my own friends abt the combined party but I am wondering what I shd tell the preschool friends? Is it ok to have such combined party just for this year...

    ANy suggestions for theme will be helpful.. SInce it will be nice and warm, I will prefer the party to be in a park..

    Me-(35), DH(37), DD(4y1m) DS(13month)

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    Do they like Disney? Mickey Mouse club house party supplies are readily available and it's neutral given it has male and female
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    I would definitely have the party for both. I don't think you need to inform the preschool kids because then, they might feel obliged to bring a gift for him, too. I know you could tell them they don't need to, but they still might feel that they should, you know? I would just maybe skip opening his presents at the party so that the preschool families don't feel weird about it, you know?

    As for themes, what does your DD like? There are some girly themes that you could also tweek to make it suitable for a boy.

    One of my kids had a Dr. Seuss party. That's gender neutral. One had a "shapes" party. Just colorful shapes on a cake with colorful balloons..his We also did prince (you could do princess/prince). You could do animals (bees and butterflies/ladybugs), cowboys and cowgirls.

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    yeah, someone i know did a "balls" party. So the party favors were all balls from the dollar store, different colors and sizes. It was at a playground so the kids played on the equipment and there were lots of other balls for them to play with. Like tons of them. Neat idea.

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    DD likes curious george, elmo, princess(many), and disney as well....
    DS enjoys the elmo toy we have at home.. Maybe elmo themed? I have to figure out activities though...
    Me-(35), DH(37), DD(4y1m) DS(13month)

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    So finally we have decided on a magic themed birthday party. DD is all into magic as well and wanted a magic show for a party..Geneder neutral so wil work for DS as well..

    FOr the party invites for personal friends I plan to mention it will be DD's 4th and DS's 1st party. I plan to get seperate party invites for her preschool friends that will mention only her name (DD turning 4).

    The only thing extra we will be doing for DS at the party is have a seperate cake for him. Will DD's preschool friends be offended that they were not informed about my DS turning 1 and that it is a combined party.
    Me-(35), DH(37), DD(4y1m) DS(13month)

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