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Thread: Day 35, no sign of period but negative pregnancy test?

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    Default Day 35, no sign of period but negative pregnancy test?

    Hi. I'm on day 35 of my cycle without any sign of my period coming and pregnancy tests are negative. Usually I run between 28-32 day cycles, with one being 35 days several months ago. Basically, I started my period on 2/25 and was monitoring via ovulation test and 2 positives on 2/18 & 2/19 (days 21 & 22) and had sex both days.

    Should a pregnancy test show up by now?


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    I am very sure a positive would have shown by now. I know cycles can vary per month sometimes.
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    If you ovulated later, like on CD 22, then an average 14 day luteal phase wouldn't end until tomorrow. Long cycles are so frustrating but can be totally normal.

    I agree it's possible you might have seen a positive by now, but as we like to say you're not out until AF shows!!
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