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    Is brutal and no preparing for the worst..with dd I had it bad and she was extremely colic and to this day she still suffers.

    What do you do for relief?

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    I always drank a lot of milk. And took homeopathic medicine from my doctor with 3rd. Also took tums with 2nd

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    I just made sure I was sipping cold water all day long. It helped kind of dilute the hot lava acid a little bit. It comes up here and there still but not quite as often. Mostly at night, but it burns like fire!
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    heartburn is killing me with this one. I constantly have acid in my throat.nothing helps do. I have an herbal supplement called acid ease that takes some of the edge off. But I can take it on an empty stomach or I will feel sick

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    I take nexium, eat small/frequent meals, and avoid trigger foods which seems to keep most of my gastritis and GERD symptoms under control. If I have break through symptoms or eat something I shouldn't have, I eat oatmeal or bread and drink milk. If that doesn't help I take maalox.

    Most of my babies have had colic/ heart goes out to you !!!
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