I guess I will join the bandwagon with having my own update thread.
A brief recap....
07/09 met my DH
06/11 married DH
10/11 started TTC
10/12 discovered that DH had no sperm
06/13 DH diagnosed with CBAVD, but he did produce sperm
08/13-10/13 1st round of IVF, ended up BFN on 10/5/13
12/13/13 started FET
02/07/14 transferred 2 embryos
02/17/14 BFP
03/11/14 1st ultrasound, HB 126
03/24/14 HB 180

Today was the 1st OB appt, all looked good, but I will have to do a glucose tolerance test in 3 weeks due to my high BMI and very strong family history of diabetes and heart issues.....
They attempted to do a doppler, but wasn't able to hear anything, so they did a hand help ultrasound, saw the heartbeat, but didn't get a reading as to how fast....
Hopefully I get to find out the gender on my birthday...June 6th