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    So my daughters hair is getting really long. She does not like to wear her hair up so it is always in her face. She has beautiful curly hair and I thought about cutting it. Thought that maybe if I cut her hair it wouldn't be in her face. But I am afraid that cutting her hair will take away all her curls.

    Would you cut it or just let it be??
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    If its always in her face and she doesn't like it up I would cut it a bit it doesn't have to be really short. My daughter has some curl to her hair but, sometimes we have to cut it for the same reason.
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    No curls here but my DD also doesn't like me to do anything with her hair. So, I have it cut to be easily managed and to minimize knots (but also be long enough that her daddy's doube colic doesn't force her hair to stick straight up).

    Whatever you do, it will grow back fairly quickly.
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    I have found that sometimes my daughters' hair gets in their faces more when I cut it short! Mine also refuse to do anything with it although thanks to Frozen DD2 has been letting me braid it!

    As for curls, it may get MORE curly once it's shorter because it's lighter. That happened with one of my daughters. The other pretty much lost her curls once her hair was cut Eventually if they are going to go they will go though.

    Sorry I am sure I was no help whatsoever lol.
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    i cut DD's bangs. it is a compromise between short hair and hair in the face. I have 2 girls with curly hair, and one did get curlier when she gave herself a short cut around 3yrs old. But i suspect with my 2yr old if i cut her hair her curlswill be gone, as hers just curls on the length, not near her head.

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    Girl hair has given me such big headaches. Neither of my girls would let me put there hair up for he longest time, and it was ALWAYS in their face. DD1 had bangs for a while but they had to be trimmed all the time, which was also a pain. Not sure about the curls...both mine have fairly straight hair. I am so happy that I won't have to worry about this with Wesley!

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    Mine lost her curl when I cut it...but I had to because it was so long she would pee on it!! She likes it long but we have a rule that it has to be in a ponytail for school. Once you have been in a classroom with lice you will understand that rule, but I digress. In any case, I told her, you let me put it up or we cut it short. Thereafter, she lets me put it up.
    In summary, I would give her the choice, but hold her to what she decides.

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    Curly hair gets curlier when cut too short because it loses the weight needed to pull them down. So you have to go to someone who understands that and won't make her look like little orphan Annie - the fear of curly haired women everywhere. But kids' hair changes so she may lose the curls and they come back in a few years... Or never. Mine was straight from 3-5 or something like that, but curly otherwise. My son's hair was very curly but got straight around 3.5. We'll see... Betting that like my brother, he'll end up with curls, too.

    Or just use cute headbands and barrettes to pull it half back...

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    My mom was mean and never gave me an option with my hair. It was "you sit down NOW and let me do your hair." I always had pigtails and ponytails and various braids. And bangs that she trimmed weekly on Sunday night.

    I have curly hair but it didn't start until I was a little older in grade school. Otherwise very thick and wavy. I find that I get less snarls and it's easier to deal with when it's longer and has some weight keeping it under control.

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