Hi everyone. I was actually posting in the TTC form before I realized this forum existed and realized that it would be best that I post all my Am I Pregnant questions and pee sticks here. So far... I'm going freaking insane with these pee sticks. I ran out of my cheapies this morning. However, on the one this morning i totally saw a line within the 5-10 minute cut off. it was faint as all get out but I saw it. however... I've heard that the internet cheapies are notorious for evaps, so I don't want to get my hopes up.

There pics are from the same test I took yesterday morning.

These are from the test I took this morning

5 hours later I still see a line on the test from this morning but it's more noticeable. obviously it means nothing outside of the time frame, but as i said I still saw it within the timeframe. Going to get FRER tomorrow and see what that tells me. In the mean time my back feels like it's broken, there's a roadmap of veins on my boobies and they are sensitive, I'm a bit moodier than usual and I've recently been more thirsty which in turn has led to more trips to the bathroom. I have mild cramps here and there, but not constantly like I have when AF is coming. So idk.