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    Hi, me and my husband have been TTC for a year now. No infertility issues before, we have eight year old daughter. I am 35 now and had pelvic exam which showed 24 mm follicle in my right ovary. We BD the same night. It is now 7 DPO and I've been having ovulation pain like cramps on my right side since 4 DPO. Do you think this could be an early pregnancy sign? I am getting desperate, because I did not think it would take us so long. Do you think this still could be ovulation pain? Even though I believe I ovulated the same day I had exam.

    THanks for your responses.

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    ...I'm so sorry I didn't see this sooner and respond!

    It could be ovulation, implantation, a cyst, premenstrual cramping, or random twinges . One thing is for sure though, the 2wk wait after ovulation is torture for sure !

    Did you do fertility meds and/or a trigger shot? Did you use opks at all? Do you chart? Why did your dr do a follie ultrasound? LOL, eesh, that's a lot of questions...sorry, just trying to get a clearer picture of your situation .

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