Scharae is on day 5 of a constant bad stomach ache. The first few days I figured gas-could hear bubbling around going on in her intestines. By Thursday evening I decided constipation-she hadn't gone since Monday. Yesterday we got things moving again by late afternoon and she had a much happier evening-even asked to leave the house, which is a first since Tuesday. But she's been up and down since 2am crying about her stomach again.

Is there a stomach virus that causes pain and constipation, no vomiting? She threw up twice on Thursday, but only after gulping down a ton of water or tea and then having me massage her belly both times. She doesn't feel nauseous, just in pain. Guess I'm wondering if we are ok to wait until Monday before thinking about having her seen? She isn't crying constantly. I can usually get her to use the bathroom-pee, she's just pooped the one time yesterday afternoon, but she also hadn't eaten much besides Jell-O or pudding since Tuesday-and then settle her back in bed for an hour or two before she's back up crying again.