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Thread: Tips and tricks for hand print on a newborn

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    Default Tips and tricks for hand print on a newborn

    I got a frame for a footprint and handprint for my dd2. I can do the footprint. But the handprint I'm a little nervous about. Are the any good tips or tricks to get a good handprint from a newborn?

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    i did it several times on plain paper till i got one i liked then cut it out and used that in the frame. i never even tried on the printed paper that came with the frame.
    one of my kids was asleep and i think made it easier as they were not making a fist.

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    yes, definitely while she's asleep, and with a second pair of adult hands.

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    That's a good idea! I'll try a practice run on a separate paper while she's sleeping.

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    If you make your own clay (check for recipe) it will be soft enough to do on the baby's hand. And you can also do it with someone around you assisting with it. I plan on doing for this baby and regret not having it done for my 2nd. But I will have all 3 children do at the same time so more fun!
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    Ok so DH and I tried while dd was asleep but she woke up while trying to get the ink on her hand this is tricky!

    I'm not looking for a recipe since I already have the ink and frame that someone got for me. I also already have clay that someone else got for me too.

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