One of my oldest friends (we've been friends since Kindergarten) was admitted to the hospital a few days ago since she was having contractions. She was carrying twins and was not quite 28 weeks pregnant. She originally thought that she would go back home as the medications she was taking were reducing the contractions. However, her little boy's heart was dipping some with contractions so they kept her longer for monitoring.

Everything changed last night. I don't know what happened but she had an emergency c-section at 2 am last night and the babies were born. Here is her update and all that I really know:

Welcome to the world Colette Marie, 2lbs 4oz 2:23am and Colin Ryan, 2lbs 4oz 2:25am!!
They came out crying and breathing on their own!! Please pray they continue to be strong and healthy!!
She has two other children.

I am 12 hours away so I can't be a physical help. Can I send meals to the hospital? I imagine that both babies will be there for a long while.