We finally had the TPR trial today. I wasn't able to attend because I just had Isaac 16 days ago and he nurses constantly. But DH went and all went well. Bio dad didn't voluntarily sign away his rights...honestly I think because he's been too lazy to sign the form so the judge terminated his as well as bio mom's. Bio mom took the stand and was having delusions the whole time so that didn't look good. She's hospitalized and medicated and she's still having the same delusions. A lot more happened that I'm too brain dead to report because Isaac kept us up all night as newborns do. Lol. But the judge did grant TPR on both parents and they have 10 days to file an appeal. If they do it just slows down adoption...no way they'd win after today's evidence. If they don't we start the adoption process once the 10 days are up! Today was definitely what we were hoping for. We're happy and relieved and I'll update more once I've slept and can think. Lol.