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    Hi ladies,

    I got a letter from my work saying it is time for my annual TB skin test. I work for an HMO hospital, but I don't actually work in the hospital. I work in an outpatient clinic. I've been reading online trying to see if it is safe to do this test while PG and what I've read is mixed. Some people say it is perfectly safe; others say that it hasn't been tested but that it would be better than missing a TB diagnosis. Well, I don't have TB, and given how long it took us to conceive, I really don't want to do anything unnecessary while PG. I just don't feel like this is necessary. I never had one done with DS because I worked in private practice at the time and it wasn't required.

    The letter states that if I do not comply, then I will be put on leave without pay. Shouldn't it be my right to opt out while PG? Any ideas? I could get a letter from my OB I suppose but my OB is not one of their docs, so who knows what they will say.

    Any advice is appreciated!
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    Could you possibly talk to your RE about it? My RE seems to have me on way more restrictions than my OB ever did (granted I am pregnant with twins lol). I'm sure your OB would be understanding of your fears after STC and they're always going to err on the side of caution. As far as if it's safe or not I'm not really sure. There's an immunization chart in my twins book but that's not in there. Thinking of you and hope you find the safest possible outcome for your little bean!

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    I would ask the RE...I do not believe it will be an issue, but it never hurts to double check... I have had multiple Mantoux tests...but never while pregnant....
    I would only opt out if my RE suggested it...but that is just me.
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    hmmm I don't know. Hope you find a good solution. I've never had to be tested while pg.
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    I would talk with your HR person and ask if there is a waiver available in your situation and, if so, what needs to be done to acquire one . I would also ask my RE to get their opinion. If it's very important to you I would call the Health Dept or someone at the state capitol to ask about state laws regarding employer mandated TB testing. I have contacted my state's headquarters more than once to ask about state law and any loopholes available. They have always been extremely helpful. I was able to waive all state mandated testing and procedures for myself and my newborn. They even supplied the proper documentation for my healthcare providers to sign to ensure they were not liable for any adverse outcomes due to "failure to comply". I also talked with my hospital's social worker to make sure I would not be charged with medical neglect and she reassured me I was within my rights to make those legal decisions for my baby.

    We often have more rights than we think we do, but obviously those who push for or support these things aren't necessarily going to willingly offer exemption info. So it's best to contact all the involved people first and if you don't get answers then contact a neutral third-party. I have even called local lawyers about things like child-labor laws and home education, etc...they were happy to help and even free of charge.

    I hope you get answers soon!

    My dd just had a TB test for college this week...I had to do a double take when I saw your post, lol
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